Training Overview

A complete Spike training should provide an officer a classroom introduction to tire deflation devices, with your departmental policies regarding the use of such a device. Spike-Strip Mfg. also recommends two methods of hands on training a basic training can be conducted in a parking lot and a more advanced training on a closed road we call Track Training.

Classroom Training:

A Spike class should provide an officer an introduction to the safe use of tire deflation devices, and your departmental policies regarding the use of such a device. You should have a classroom introduction to the system and explanation of the hands on training plan for your department. Spike-Strip mfg. includes a Training manual with a plan for instruction and implementation of the systems. Customers are authorized to make copies for training.

Parking lot Training

Your Auto-Spike or Spike-Belt system can be used for training purposes in a parking lot. In the tabs labeled Parking lot training, we go over the basic operation and inspection in a series of Training scenarios. You can train on a Church parking lot, school parking lot, undeveloped street, or any area which is not in active use and can be closed or secured, as to not spike a car.

Track Training

A more advanced training method can be conducted on a roadway with moving cars and special un-spiked system. In the tab labeled Track Training we go over the methods, objectives and tips on conducting such a class.

Contact us:

We request that users of the Spike Belt, or Spike-Devil system contact us for training resources beyond what you find with the Spike System and on these websites. Watch this video for details, you must be logged into youtube to watch the video.

Please email our Product Specialist Henry DeVilliers at

You can also call our production facility at 830-899-4575, please leave a message so we can get back with you.

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Spike Strip Mfg. Training manuals, click on links below.

SPIKE BELT MANUAL: spikebelttrainingpdfprinting

SPIKE DEVIL (old-instructors)MANUAL: mastertrainingmanual




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