Training Overview

A complete Spike training should provide an officer a classroom introduction to tire deflation devices, with your departmental policies regarding the use of such a device. Spike-Strip Mfg. also recommends two methods of hands on training a basic training can be conducted in a parking lot and a more advanced training on a closed road we call Track Training.

Classroom Training:

A Spike class should provide an officer an introduction to the safe use of tire deflation devices, and your departmental policies regarding the use of such a device. You should have a classroom introduction to the system and explanation of the hands on training plan for your department. Spike-Strip mfg. includes a Training manual with a plan for instruction and implementation of the systems. Customers are authorized to make copies for training.

Parking lot Training

Your Spike-Devil or Spike-Belt system can be used for training purposes in a parking lot. In the tabs labeled Parking lot training, we go over the basic operation and inspection in a series of Training scenarios. You can train on a Church parking lot, school parking lot, undeveloped street, or any area which is not in active use and can be closed or secured, as to not spike a car.

Track Training

A more advanced training method can be conducted on a roadway with moving cars and special un-spiked system. In the tab labeled Track Training we go over the methods, objectives and tips on conducting such a class.


We request that users of the Spike Belt, or Spike-Devil system contact us for training resources beyond what you find with the Spike System and on these websites. Please register as a customer so we can provide training resources.

Please email our Product Specialist Henry DeVilliers at

You can also call our production facility at 830-899-4575, please leave a message so we can get back with you.

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Spike Strip operations manual, click on icon labeled training maual.