Autospike.net is a training portal for the Spike Belt and Spike Devil brand tire spike system. Welcome to our training website, and if you need assistance contact Spike Strip manufacturing for more materials, manuals, operation guide, Training units and more. All contact information is in the tab labeled contact us.

Don Kilgrow (retired Utah Highway Patrol) has been credited as being the Co-inventor of the modern day Spike System*. In 1997, it was announced that his system had stopped 15K pursuits with a perfect safety record. Kilgrow also warned of dangerous new tactics and predicted serious incidents like the ones we see today.

Auto-Spike is a new product based on the proven policies and “System” specifications established before 1993. The design and procedures which gave rise to the popularity of the System concept and obsoleted the “tire deflation device” name and concept.

The training Starts with the tab labeled “Training overview” It has a classroom portion and two hands on options for training. Training is supported with two manuals, and our YouTube channel.

In the tabs labeled “Research and Training” we define the liability associated with tire deflation devices. We give the history of how Spike-Strips became very popular to later develop a questionable reputation. In these tabs, we explain the features of our product and the system concept help make it a safer product to use. We also describe the questioned tactics, which Instructors should be very careful to look for and train around.

* Wikipedia