Auto-Spike Description


Auto-Spike is an accordion type spike system which has several unique features.The system folds up and rolls up into the world’s smallest spike system. The frame enhances deployment, and can be reloaded and used many times.

The Auto-Spike when deployed slides across the surface in a covert style and locks into place when fully extended. If deployed upside down, and locked open it provides performance on a hard surfaces and under most conditions. Auto-Spike is available in three sizes depending on the number of Strip sections included in your system.

spikedevil sizesWhat’s Included

Each system includes a winder, with a strap attached to the Spike-Devil accordion  frame. The system comes with a storage option which allows quick access to the Spike-Strip. The cord is 80 feet long and is heavy duty.

PrintThe system above shows the Cord-Reel option and the holster storage option.


The system above shows the Loop-Winder option and the holster storage option. Spike-Devil is also Available in a Bag model designed for use in Motorcycles and ATV’s.



Extra Auto-Spike Holsters and bags are available in custom colors and with your department’s logo. Extra Accessory Holsters mounted in spare vehicles will allow the transfer of your Spike-Strip to any vehicle in your fleet.