Research and Training

An officer equipped with spikes, has a pro-active way to keep out of a pursuit and is positioned to bring a dangerous vehicle to a stop. Deploying a spike device should be the safest task for any officer involved in a pursuit. Positioning yourself behind cover provides protection, not afforded to officers in the pursuit.

Before 1993 procedures and specifications were in place which helped insure officer safety. These specifications were never developed into standards. Spike systems were wider, heavier, but the “old school product and Tactics” produced a perfect safety record, a record superior than that of today. One manufacture announced over 15K uses of the product and a PERFECT SAFETY RECORD!

In 1993, tire deflation devices were becoming very popular and several new products and concepts were introduced. A few years later (1996) serious incidents began to happen, a change where Officers lost their lives. Changes were mandated, however despite product improvements, the incidents still continue to this day.

Spike-Devil is the first company to define the risks, based on research of the serious incidents and the “old School” procedures we present as our recommended method for deployment of Tire deflaters.

Our goal is to define the risks and assist you in developing a safe and effective  training program for your department, for use of the Spike-Devil or any deflater. We will present you key training concepts and Spike Devil product features and explain why we think they are important and how they are based on “older” proven tactics.

Regardless if you are self training, or have been tasked in training your department, this Tab “Research and Training” will provide you extra material to give you a bigger picture of the use of Tire deflation devices and a skill level expected of an Instructor.