Patrol officers find themselves as subjects of attacks , while in patrol car. B&G offers several High power acoustic devices that modulate tones and light to cause an uncomfortable enviroment and help desperse an attack, or give passage to officers thru a group. The Acoustic device allows officers to hear outside the patrol car and comunicate to the outside at conversation levels and also at a high power levels. Microphones are positioned to the outside on the mirrors and give a 360 degree coverage to the outside. Officers can stay inside the vehicle until they determine its safe to exit the patrol car.

Patrol Intercoms and public address systems have achived success with dignitary protection, D.O.E., bank transports, and other applications of high security. Riot conrol teams have found sucess with high power sound and light, in control of riots and crowd control. B&G’s concept brings these applications to the patrol car.


2-way communication from the inside of your cabin to the outside at 250Watts

Robust intercommunication and siren systems, easy to install and completely hidden.The perfect complement to take the most advantage of the armoring. Helps to neutralize potential threats and ensure a secure communication channel with the outside without opening any doors or windows.

Furthermore, it allows the user to alert and make way through the traffic, thus securing escape routes in threatening situations.

-Power Output RMS250W (Two 150W Loudspeakers)
-Maximum current consumption21A
-Stand-by consumption<25mA
-Input Voltage11.5V-14,8V
-External Microphones2 (Stereo internal sound)
-Control of an auxiliary loadYes
-Harmonic distortion<1%
-Electronic unit dimensions10.9cm / 19.2cm / 3.7cm
-External loudspeaker dimensions13.0cm / 15.5cm / 13.4cm
-Control keypad dimensions5.4cm / 2.45cm / 0.85 cm