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Welcome to Spike-Strip Mfg. Media Library. We have this library as a quick way to get to a specific video without having to search the tabs to locate it.

This is the complete playlist for the training program, notice you must be logged into youtube to watch this series, and confirm your age.



Spike-Devil Loop-Winder in operation cord unwinding off the winder shown three ways to handle the winder. 1) allow the winder to spin. 2) Winder twisted and cord comes off the beveled edge. 3) Drop the winder and allow the cord to pass thru your hands, the winder will follow you on the ground.
Loop-Winder Curbside deployments, when sliding the Spike-Devil into place you twist your wrist so that the beveled edge is facing the area you wish to deploy into. The cord will come off the beveled edge! Loop-Winder is held together with Red Velcro so you can easily see it to pull it apart. Simply stretching your arms apart will pull the strap and release the velcro on the Strip and on the Winder. No fumbling with hands to unhook.  


Spike-Devil Deployment with Cord-Reel and various hands positions, holding using strap, no strap and holding from end.

Same as above but Slow Motion

Officer Pre-Deploys Spikes onto opposite road side of road, he then Deploys and recovers the spikes.

Below we start the playlist and videos for the Spike Belt tire deflation system.

Spike Belt Loop winder Deployments

Spike Belt with Cord Reel Deployments