Curbside Deployment Exercise

When you have become skilled in the Pre deployment styles, you should practice the curbside deployment exercises. The Spike-Devil system is designed to slide along the surface of the road. The strap should be unhooked. The system can be held in an overhand grip in the center or the end and then slid into position.

Deployment_StanceThe picture shows the officer ready at the deployment line, in the stance position, the officer stretches his back leg lowering his body for deployment. The officer should then seek cover.

You might be able to repeat this video, look for the arrow in a form of a circle or go to our YouTube Channel for more videos on the deployment of the Spike-Devil. We have a playlist for each model with the Cord-Reel and Loop-Winder. Channel name is Henry Devilliers, or you can search with the name Spike-Devil.


Practice sliding the system into the various lanes, each time developing accuracy and skill. The goal is to develop the skill to deploy into the center lane or preferred lane without the need for additional adjustments. Once deployed seek cover, then recover the system.


When you have developed skill, you will be able to slide the system into position across the roadway to pre-deploy the spikes. Once you do this go into the stance and then recovery.

This is a slow-motion series of deployments of the Spike-Devil system. Notice the lower stance, sliding motion, and seeking cover.