Road Width / Deployment Exercise

It is very important that officers be knowledgeable of the different widths of roadways and be skilled in deploying a system across the lanes of traffic. The skill of deploying a system from a remote location can be impossible if not trained to do so, night fall complicates this. Pre-deployment, must be done so that the officer can position the system accurately, when tossing the system to the other side of the road, adjust it to the edge of the road.


The Spike-Devil should be pre-deployed across two standard lanes. While unwinding the cord, we start counting steps from the edge of the road and not the number at the center of each lane and center of the roadway. When we are across the roadway we go into the stance position.

Officer has decided to not seek cover and deploy.

Officer has decided to not seek cover and deploy.

Shown above the officer is in the ready position. (optional) He should point out the direction the pursuit is coming from, the deployment area and his cover. In watching traffic the officer is looking for a deployment window. This window is when the last car has passed and the target identified, allowing for deployment.

Pulling unit to deploy far lane

Deployment: The officer is shown moving from the stance position and is deploying by counting off his steps to deploy into lane B.

Deployed center lanes

The officer is shown deploying into the center of the lanes. The instructor might give directions for the car in Lane A or B or to center the system. The focus is that the officer be able to learn control of the system from a remote area, and develop this skill, so that in an actual pursuit he does not depend on his proximity to the target car for deployment.