Safety and effectiveness by Spike Strip Mfg.

The only safe method of deployment is to deploy from cover and most often that means simply pulling a Spike-Strip into the path of the driver from behind cover. The problem is that deployment style eliminates the need for features that Spike Manufactures want to sell you!

Yes, the self righting feature, the electronic remote control, lightweight design, all are useless when you can simply use protective cover. The other side of that coin, is that those systems and features provoke the officer to deploy outside of protective cover and thus he places himself at risk.

Every promotional video I have seen, has samples of officers deploying spikes without cover and at point blank range. Despite all their features they can not even market a product and represent it in a safe fashion. Most often departments look at features and not function to select a Spike System.

We recommend you look at the type of deployment more than the features, and place an emphasis on product features that are covert and do not provoke a reaction by the target vehicle driver and place the officer behind protective cover and were designed to work with safety in mind.

Sliding versus Throwing a Spike System

Sliding is a more effective way at deploying a system with the idea of not provoking a reaction from the driver of the Target vehicle. Spike-Devil is designed to slide across the surface of the road, by being pulled towards you or slid away from you which we call a curbside deployment. Most ANY spike system can be deployed by pulling this way, but only two brands can be deployed in this fashion from the curb, Spike Devil is one.

Spike-Devil can be slid or pulled form a distance and place into position in the pursuit in a covert fashion. Spike-Devil has the safety advantage of distance, and time advantage of elimination of what we call POST Deployment Adjustments. (PDA)

Superior Winder, Cord-Reel and Deployment Sleeve

A good portion of the incidents with spikes were due to a Cord-Reel and or a sleeve that was defective, thus not used or failed during use and an officer or in one case officers entered the roadway to recover spikes and were fatally struck.  We were asked by a departments to make a Cord-Reel that was indestructible and serviceable. We came out with the toughest one on the market and with the big mouth service port. When they saw it, they said it was like a Fisher-Price toy, you could not destroy it, and it was easy to use and service.

Deployment Sleeve

We were told of many problems with sleeves, and came out with solutions for a better manageable product and one less prone to breaking. We added a pocket to our Deployment sleeve to hold the winder and also a belt to keep the Strips together.

We made our sleeves reusable as training units, so that departments would not try to reuse the old ones.