Parking Lot

A vacant parking lot serves as a good place to train with the Spike-Devil tire deflation system. The operation and inspection manual which has all these exercises outlined, you can it or the website. Each officer should self study, pair off with another officer or with a class practice these exercises with your department issued spike system.

LETS GET STARTED: The first exercise and goal is to become familiar with the system, it’s handling, how to inspect the system, and understand the basic deployment steps.

Winder operationThe Spike-Devil Tube should be packed with one of two type of winders, first the traditional Loop-Winder or a Cord-Reel Winder with a hand crank and inspection port. The system if packed correct is designed to pull out and be held correctly in hands. This was explained in the Classroom.

Lets pull the Spike System, from the Tube, its pretty much self explanatory pull the Winder with your non-dominate hand, then the Strip with the dominate hand.

The Spike-Devil system also has a strap around it that should be released to deploy, lets unhook the velcro strap and position the strip on the opposite side of the road as shown in the next tab and conduct our first exercise. With your finger reach across and unhook the handle if you are using a Cord-Reel Winder.

Follow Along:

Recommended manual for parking lot training.

“Spike-Devil Operation and Inspection”

Training Manual pg. 7