BG Motorcycle Sirens

B&G Sirens are world class design used all over the world.  The products provide ease of install and long service life. The MP series of sirens are available in an all in one design, and a separate box design. Depending on the features and power of your siren, you will have a maximum of four components. In addition to install, we have models which require programing by the installer and driver. B&G’s Patented Accelerometer, activates the siren for the officer in various conditions, the programing requires the officer to adjust the tilt and acceleration to program the electronics. In this page we will show you basic install of all models of the B&G Motorcycle sirens.

Downloads: All in one 30 watt design. MPA-30_Manual 50 watt design, electronic box.  MPA-50v3_Manual 50 watt design, electronic box, microphone. MPA-50M_Manual


MP Series has two basic controls for the the sirens. Our traditional controller has the water proof boot on the outside of the switches. Our newer design exposes the switch, however the waterproof boot is on the inside of the switch. Our design of toggle switches gives the officer a solid feel and ease of activation.