Inspection Deployment Exercise

Inspection Deployment / Exercise

This exercise is to teach basic Deployment and at the same time inspection of the cord and the system. We recommend an inspection after a system has been used and reloaded.

Inspect cord and unwindWalk Across and position the Spike System on the opposite side curb. While holding the winder in your hand drop or position the Spike-Strip on the far curb away from traffic. Lets cross back and allow the winder to unwind. When you reach your “safe” location, grab hold of the loop winder or lock the handle into place. Position yourself in the ready stance.

Stance predeployedWhen you are in the ready stance, you should be facing traffic, One shoulder toward the traffic lanes with the cord laid across the traffic and verify the system is secured on the edge of the roadway. The winder should be in the same hand, cover should be off of the opposite shoulder. This is the correct stance position, This is called the passive mode as cars go over the cord. More details are available in the pages called stance and Pre-Deployment.

Deployed center lanesTo deploy the system walk allowing your steps to deploy the system into the lanes. We recommend you walk until the system is centered between the two lanes of traffic. Take a pause and listen to your training instructor to recover the system.

imageWhen you decide to recover, or told to recover, walk to recover the system, it is recommended that you also use your arm to yank the system off the roadway.

This is the exercise, if you are doing this for inspection purposes, walk the entire length of the Cord, then walk back with the cord in your fingers feeling for any imperfections. once you get to the end of the unit, walk back and deploy the Spike-Strip and walk back and re-inspect the strip. look for missing spikes, broken sections, or a warn velcro strap. For service go to the tab labeled service or contact Spike-Strip mfg.