Specification sheet for Auto-Spike systems by Spike-Strip Mfg.

Spike-Strip system consist of a framework of multiple Strips supported by bases and this assembly connected end to end so that when opened extends like a trellis across a traffic lane and designed when closed by collapsing interlaces and rolls into a compact package. A system also includes a winder with cord attached, and a storage device.

1) A.L.E.C. The System Framework has a patented locking device called A.L.E.C. which locks the system in an expanded configuration to maximize its coverage on the roadway.

2) All Systems have a cord (#3-3/32) of not less than 80 feet in length. The Cord is wound up on a cord-reel or a loop winder depending on model ordered

The Strip and base holds spikes with “o” rings, and caps and has washers and screws to hold the Strips together.

2) Device shall contain 8 spikes per strip and strips shall be connected end to end to make up a Spike-Strip System. ( 8 spikes x 7 sections for 56 spikes total normal size) ( 8 spikes x 9 for 72 spikes total for extended system) ( 8 spikes x 11 sections for 88 spikes in super extended system)

3) Spikes are 1.75″ inch long and 3/16 diameter and are a standard size off the shelf roll pin of mass production. Surface is non reflective rough zinc plated, Tip is an anti coring tip. Each Spike has a dull edge designed to puncture not cut, and each spike has a cover to protect the spike and officer.

4) When folded the system measures 18.5 inches in length and when rolled up less than 4 inches in diameter and designed to be stored in a end feed tube.

5) weight of unit is less than

6) Shipping weight is

7) Hardware is standard off the shelf washers (5/8) and screws (#10).

9) System includes a method of storage of an end fed plastic tube or soft Cordura bag.

10) Strip is bi-directional and also omni directional and has a rocking arm that tilts the spike as it penetrates the tire and allows it to follow the rotation of the tire to exit the strip, and cause minimal damage.

11) Strip is reusable

) strip is pre-assembled in three standard lengths’.

13) Strip is officer serviceable in the field.

1) Device shall extend to 9ft (normal size) with 7 sections. Device extends to 12ft (extended size) with 9 sections. System extends to 15 ft (extra extended size) with 11 sections.