The use of Tire deflation devices are very dependent on policy and circumstances. The Classroom portion is where we study the effective and safe use of the product within the guidelines of our departmental policy. As an instructor it will be your responsibility to provide training for your officers which includes several important documents.

Spike-Strip mfg. has several resources including a Training manual, video, and an operation manual. These resources can be used together and on this website we have extra training just for instructors not found in the manual.

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All departments should have a policy before the use of Spikes. It can be a very simple document and it can borrow from State Procedures on pursuits.

In the following Classroom pages, Spike-Strip mfg. describes the overall and basic use of the spike System, and saves the hands on use for outdoors in a parking lot.

These pages discuss the protective cover and concealment. proper set up at the deployment site and how to inspect and service your equipment.

We recommend you follow along in the training manual, however note that any sections marked (inst) are special instructors aids which are not covered in the manual. This is reserved for you to explain your recommended deployment locations and methods. If you are self taught then this portion will also apply to you, and help you develop a deployment strategy.