Trident Deployment

The Trident deployment system, is a new concept for safer deployment of Spike-Strips. By placing the Trident on the edge of the road, spike deployment is accomplished with the officer at a distance from the road and the pursuit.

tridentOfficerSafetyHorizAdjustTrident deploys spikes when the officer pulls the cord and activates the deployment arm. The Trident arm deploys the tire deflater into the lanes of traffic for the officer.


Pursuit scenarios change and often the officer has to re-position spikes to target the car. Its this type of scenario where a traditional system is adjustable and effective over newer automated technologies. Trident gives you the safety of automation with the control of traditional spikes.


The spikes can be positioned in the lanes, and recovered from the roadway.


Trident is part of the Spike-Devil family and allows you to buy the spikes and later upgrade with the Trident. The Trident can work with your existing inventory of tire deflaters. A special Arm for Stop, Stick, and Stinger deploys traditional deflaters.  


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