Pursuit Prevention Product Training

Pursuit Prevention Products are special Spike-Strips used in situations where a driver might use a vehicle to run from you. The Strip can be placed in the path of a tire to cause deflation, should the driver take off in the vehicle. In some cases you might warn the driver if they take off that a Spike-Strip is in place and will cause a flat tire. Depending on the Situation we might elect to use certain type Strips, Strip-Strip models are deflaters which are used in situations where a driver is in a car, like during a traffic spot. Tactical-Strips are for when a driver is not in a car and is deployed in a covert fashion. First lets discuss the application and use of the Spike-Strip 1 and 2 models.

SpikeStripWe are going to distinguish the Spike-Strips as a  product not normally deployed on a vehicle not occupied by the driver, this type of Strip is large and can be easily spotted by the driver and removed. If this is the only Strip available place it on the Passenger side and try to hide it under the tire. Many departments only purchase one type and expect its use to be deployed depending on the circumstances. When deployed in a covert manner, removal is prevented. Drivers have been known to remove the Strip and elude.

SPIKESTRIP2When a vehicle is used to elude law enforcement it might turn or position the tires at extreme angles to take off. Spikes might be of benefit if they are wide enough to accommodate this type behavior. Spike-Strip products are wider deflaters to compensate for this and also to allow the officer to toss the Strip into place with minimal post deployment adjustment. Spike-Strip-2 is a larger deflater with each strip 19 inches long and an overall length of 32 inches.

Storage: The Spike-Strip folded up is only 19 inches long and accommodates a size for easy storage.

Extended: The Strip can be twisted open by gravity or by a swinging action of your arm or wrist. When opened in its full position, the Strip has a locking mechanism which keeps it in that position as to not close.

Deployed: The Strip can be swung and allowed to slide into the path of the tire. The Strip can be adjusted by using your foot and moving it around to where you wish to position it. Spike-Strip is the only system which allows easy positioning and retrieval.


Spike-Strip-1 is a compact deflater with similar applications. The Strip requires placement of the Strip by use of the handle. It also serves as a crossover Strip in that it is more covert and serves multiple applications. Spike-Strip 1 also has applications for use by Military for compact Backpack storage and for advance placement or deployment during operations.

Tact-Strips are for use on vehicles which are not occupied. They are more compact and covert to allow for positioning under a tire with zero visibility. The Tact-Strips are unique among Competitor’s because we have a handle and this allows for safe placement under the tire of an occupied vehicle. The handle is short, and other models are recommended however the handle also serves to adjust and remove a feature and benefit competitors do not offer. We recommend that you limit the use to unoccupied vehicles, with the applications listed below.

TactStripTact-Strips are covert and the Tact-Strip-2 is the most covert of our all our models. Tact-Strip-2 allows for easy storage in the glove box. The Strip can fit in a shirt pocket. The strip offers a slow deflation with its two 3/16 spikes.


Tact-Strip 2 provides two spikes and a slow deflation. One Spike can be removed from the Strip, to further slow down the deflation process and allow the driver to drive further away. Tact-Strip 2 is compact and can hide under the tire without visibility by the driver.


Tact-Strip-2h offers a handle, for easy deployment, adjustment and retrieval. Shown below is the Strip folded for Storage.


The Strip can be adjusted or removed with the use of your foot.


This safety You should have the handle twisted around the edge of the tire or have it removed for maximum concealment.


Tact-Strip 4 provides four spikes and its deflation is safe but faster. The Tact Strip 4 can be mounted side ways to allow for a quicker deflation. Tact Strip 4’s handle should be hidden or removed.


Spike-Strip Solo and Dual model provide safe deflation but no conceal ability. These models should be positioned on the passenger side of the vehicle. The Solo should have its handle wrapped around the edge of the tire.





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