No Spikes

Determining if to use spikes or not use spikes is a delicate balancing act. Spikes need to be used effectively but also safely. An officer must be properly trained for the safe use and service of the system. Tire deflation program with a weak link in the chain can mean disaster.

Spike-Devil is the first system to incorporate training with your issued system. Other manufactures do not recommend this as it tears up the system.

The Spike-Devil system is the latest design and uses the most modern manufacturing techniques for cost reduction. The injection molded parts reduce the cost of manufacture and make for the world smallest and least expensive tire deflater. The system is assembled with minimal labor and replacement parts are inexpensive.


Affordability is the new technology, and Spike-Devil is a system any department can afford, and until you can buy systems for all your cars, you can move around this light weight design. Spike Devil starts at $199 and is available from your local police equipment Distributor.