The system should be mounted in an area low and ready, holstered in a fashion that is ready for quick access. You should un mount your system and take it to cover or unpack. DSCN3179DSCN3187To access the system, unhook the strap. Then Remove the Winder from the Holster with your non dominant hand. DSCN3189Using your dominant hand pull out the Spike-Strip from the holster.


Notice the Winder is in one hand and the Strip in the other hand. Regardless of the winder you use, it should be held by your non dominate hand to facilitate proper use. DSCN3235The Loop Winder has a beveled side and allows rope to be released when it is twisted towards traffic. When the loop is spun back, it catches the cord and allows you to pull the system in place or retrieve the system from traffic.

You can release cord by allowing the loop to spin on your hand, tossing the loop Frisbee style, or dropping the loop and allowing the cord to pass through your hand. DSCN3214

The cord is released off the loop as the system is deployed. The Winder can be attached to the right or left hand eyelet.  choice1132

The Cord-Reel is attached to the Spike-Strip frame. Notice the crank is facing towards the officer and unhooked to allow slack and deployment. choice1117

The other side of the Spike-Strip frame is loose and is the side that expands and opens up away from your body and onto the roadway.

You can hold and deploy the Strip with an overhand grip by holding onto both sides of the strap (smaller hands) or griping the Spike-Strip frame.