Cover and Concealment

Boundary #2 Cover and Concealment type Deployment

Everything should be done by manufactures, agencies, trainers and deployment officers to minimize visibility and conduct a deployment which uses cover.

If the driver can’t see the deployment, He can’t avoid spikes. A system which is designed to slide across the surface of the road, provides the best conceal ability. An element of surprise is the best strategy for spike deployment.

Deployment exposure
Many officers deploy spikes with the idea that they will promptly reach cover. From access to recovery of spikes exposure is compromised by a long list of problems.
Deployment Boundary #1
Pre-deployment is the safest deployment style and should be used as a priority. All brands can be pre-deployed in a covert manner and from protective cover. I know of no serious incident where any system has been deployed in this manner. This includes walking across the roadway to position the spikes and then crossing back to position behind cover.
Between 1940 and 1990 all tire deflation devices were pre-deployed and were pulled into traffic from a position of cover. The curbside deployment tactic was not used, as systems were not designed to function in such a manner. This was an era where cover was used and was the basis for Kilgrows original design.

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